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Celtic v Aberdeen (Match Preview)

Probabilities for the match are - Celtic 78%, Aberdeen 8% and 14% the draw.

Aberdeen are 8th in the league on 12pts. Their xPts are 11.94. They are 8th for xG on 13.3 (14 goals scored) and they are 6th for xGA on 14.9 (14 goals conceded). Below is their xPts trends graph per game which shows they were potentially unlucky with their draw against St Johnstone with 1.96 xPts but possibly lucky in their draw against St Mirren with 0.45 xPts.

Aberdeen were away to Motherwell in their last game and they lined up with the following;

  • 24 Roos

  • 2 Devlin, 6 Gartenman, 33 Rubezic, 5 Jensen and 3 MacKenzie

  • 21 Polvara, 4 Shinnie, 10 Clarkson and 7 McGrath

  • 9 Miovski

Subs used were midfielder Barron, attacker Duk, midfielder Sokler and midfielder Duncan. Unused subs were goalkeeper Doohan, defender Milne, midfielder Hayes and attacker Gueye. Injured were McGarry and Morris.

  • Kelle Roos is 7th in the SPFL for goals prevented conceding 14 goals from an expected 14.6. He's 8th for save percentage with 68.2%.

  • Slobodab Rubezic is 3rd in the SPFL for clearances per 90 on 6.8 and he's 4th for interceptions at 2.2 per 90

  • Richard Jensen is 3rd in the SPFL for interceptions per 90 at 2.3.

  • Dante Polvara is 7th for possession won in the final third at 1.4 per 90

  • Conor Barron is 4th in the SPFL for successful tackles per 90 with 2.8. He's 32nd in the SPFL (top Aberdeen player) for accurate passes per 90 with 36.9 at 80%.

  • Miovski is 6th in the SPFL for xG on 4.2 (4 goals scored) and he's 13 for xG per 90 at 0.45 (0.43 goals per 90). His Post Shot xG is 3.6.

  • Jamie McGrath is the next best Aberdeen player for xG with 2.3 (4 goals scored) and he's 23rd in the SPFL for xG.

  • Best for xA is Clarkson on 1.8 (1 assist) and he's 16th in the SPFL for xA and next best for Aberdeen is Miovski who's 28th with 1.3 xA.

Shop map for the last match against Motherwell is below. They had 15 shots with an xG of 2.24 and Post Shot xG of 2.59 and they won the match 4-2.

Since the Motherwell league game Aberdeen have lost 1-0 to Hibernian in the league cup and have drawn 2-2 with PAOK in the Conference League.

42.5% of their NP xG came from two players last season Miovski and Duk (22.5% Miovski and 20% Duk). For xA 19.9% came from Clarkson and 18% came from Hayes. Miovski was third for xA on 10.4% of the team's total.

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Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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