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Celtic v Kilmarnock (Match Stats)

Celtic 2 xG 1.65 (Maeda 18 and Giakoumakis 90+5) Kilmarnock 0 xG 2.12 Similar to last week's game against Kilmarnock the majority of Celtic's xG came in the last quarter with 69% of Celtic's 1.65 xG coming in the final quarter of the game. However Celtic's total in this game was only 1.65 which was nearly half of last week's 3.25.

It's not often Ange's team have less xG than their opponents (domestically) and this game was a very different one to last week's with Kilmarnock having 0.47 more xG than Celtic. Kilmarnock having 2.12 xG in this game compared to 0.08 last week.

For this game I've used Wyscout xG as Fotmob is not available in the Cups and actually Wyscout had Celtic at 4.74 last week.

Shots last week were 24 v 2 in Celtic's favour but in this game it was a different story at 15 v 14 (again in Celtic's favour).

The majority of Celtic's attacks came down the left as normal with 42% of attacks coming down the left and only 23% down the right. Not as big a disparity as last week which was 53% and 20% but still a heavy leaning to the left side. This despite the fact Starfelt's and Bernabei's passing involvement was as much as the previous week's game. The main contributors for Celtic's xG were two substitutes Giakoumakis 0.72 and Abada 0.32 with Maeda 0.27 and Starfelt 0.13 the others mainly involved. Post Shot xG to xG was +67% Maeda, +20% for Giakoumakis and -100% for Abada and Starfelt who never hit the target. Mooy also had 0.23 Post Shot xG from a 0.02 xG chance.

The only significant creator was Bernabei with 0.33 xA.

Celtic lined up with;

  • Hart

  • Juranovic, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt and Bernabei

  • Mooy, McGregor and Hatate

  • Jota, Kyogo and Maeda

Celtic had only one change from the team that started against Kilmarnock last week with Juranovic coming back in to start for the first time since the World Cup in place of Alistair Johnston dropping to the bench.

Abada, O'Riley, Giakoumakis, Forrest and Turnbull came on as subs for Jota, Hatate, Kyogo, Maeda and Mooy.

Starfelt again had the most passes in the match however 14% of the team's total compared to 20% of the team's total last week. He had 95 passes in this match which was 36% down on his 148 last week. Bernabei who had the second most last week dropped from 128 to 66 (a 48% decrease) and only 10% of the team's total this week (versus 17% last week).

Second most passes this week came from Aaron Mooy with 81 and that was 12.4% of the team's total. Mooy more involved this week.

Most passes received last week was Bernabei with 133 but that dropped (by 51%) to 65 this week. This week it was Mooy who received the most passes with 69 (11 from Juranovic). Another player who increased their involvement this week was Jota as he had 43 passes made (13 to Juranovic) and 53 received (15 from Juranovic) which was up on his 29 passes made and 35 received last week. Which is a 48% and 51% increase when the team had 12% less passes.

So Mooy and Jota more involved and Starfelt and Benabei less involved this week but most attacks were still down the left.

Mooy's heatmap opposite where you can see his involvement on the right (with Jota and Juranovic) but also in the left midfield helping to create attacks.

Looking at the average positions week on week Maeda is a bit further back this week and Jota a lot more further forward this week. Jota's average position a bit more central due to switching wings a lot.

Callum McGregor was still not involved as much as he usually is with only 10% of the team's passes (versus a season average of 12%) but at least this was up on last week's 7%.

McGregor's passes received also increased from 6% of the team's total last week to 9% this week.

Robinson did a great job marking McGregor last week and Lafferty's selection at the expense of Robinson looks like it benefitted McGregor.

However with McGregor being limited in these games due to being man marked it is good to see Mooy stepping up and getting more involved with the most passes received, second most passes made, 3 key passes made, 5 touches in the penalty area, 10 progressive passes and a Post Shot xG of 0.23 from an 0.02 xG chance.

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