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Match Preview (Celtic v Dundee Utd)

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Despite Celtic not winning this previous fixture the probabilities are very much in Celtic's favour at Celtic 83%, Dundee Utd 5% and a draw at 12%.

From a non penalty expected goals (NP xG) perspective they are on 0.94 per game but they are only scoring 0.81 goals per game. At 0.94 they are 9th in the league. Their NP xG is 22% lower in the second round of matches than it was in the first round.

In regards to NP xGA (non penalty expected goals against) they have conceded an average of 1.25 per game but they have only actually conceded 1 goal per game.

Their xGA is getting worse though as in the second round of games it is 54% higher than the first round. For NP xGA they are 6th in the SPFL.

In the winter transfer window they have signed Tony Watt and Eriksson (goalkeeper) and sold Kerr Smith to Aston Villa and Fuchs to Peterborough.

This season Dundee Utd have had 29 starters and 32 players used in total and both those numbers are the joint highest in the SPFL along with Celtic.

Against Ross County at home in their last league game they lined up in a 4-3-3 formation.

- 1 Siegrist

- 22 Freeman, 12 Edwards, 18 Butcher and 33 McMann

- 66 Fuchs, 19 Levitt and 23 Harkes

- 8 Pawlett, 9 McNulty and 32 Watt

Clark, Niskanen and Appere came on as subs for McNulty, Pawlett and Fuchs.

The only change I can see Ange making is maybe playing Abada for Forrest. Abada isn't as good as Forrest for possession but is better at chance creation. Possession shouldn't be an issue today so maybe a game for Abada.

My prediction;

- Celtic to win 3-0

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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