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Pressures in the 4 Champions League games

O'Riley has the highest successful pressures in a game with 9 in the Leipzig game in Germany. He also has the most pressures in a game with 32 in the game on Tuesday.

On average per 90 for the 4 games played Kyogo leads the way on 29 pressures per 90 and 6 successful pressures per 90 and McGregor leads the way on % with 42% (5 from 13). I have only included players who have played more than 72 minutes (20% of total) of Champions League football this season. (As McCarthy was an outlier with 60 pressures per 90 and 20 successful pressures per 90 due to his small sample size of 9 minutes).

Abada was the lowest non defender (for the 4 games) at 11 per 90 and has had 0 successful pressures.

Team stats for pressures below.

It was interesting to see in this game that figure dropped to 30% and that Celtic had 50 pressures in their defensive third. A tweak to the tactics or just the dynamics of the game?

If it was a tweak was it effective or not?

What was also interesting was that Leipzig had only 80 pressures in total which is well down on their average of 140. Again the majority of their pressures (50%) came in the middle third.

For other p;ayer stats ..... after 4 games Maeda has the most xG per 90 at 0.59 and Forrest has the most xA per 90 at 0.47.

Abildgaard has the most successful tackles per 90 at 6.8. Jenz has the most passes per 90 at 74.3 and the best accuracy at 92.9%.

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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