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Preview (Motherwell v Celtic)

Motherwell have played 13 games this season winning 7, drawing 2 and losing 4. Two of their losses were league games (against Hibs at home and Hearts away in their last league game). Their average player positions for their last two league games are below.

They play a 4-3-3 with Slattery, O'Hara and Grimshaw in midfield and as you can see by their average positions as a team they play relatively central with their width coming from the full backs.

Against Hearts they had 33% of attacks from the left, 33% from the centre and 34% from the right and against Ross County it was 31%, 34% and 35%. A well balanced and highly central attacking team. Subs used against Hearts were Shields and Amaluzor and subs used against Ross County were Donnelly, Roberts and Carroll.

Top rated player for average match ratings is Ojala with both FotMob and WhoScored.

Motherwell are 4th in the table and offer a stiffer test than Aberdeen.

The above chart is courtesy of Chris McLaughlin @coachchrismcl and it shows Motherwell 2nd best (behind Celtic) for xG per shot and by quite a distance. They are also in the top 6 for xG per shot against. They are 4th for the quantity of shots on target per match.

Their points haven't come from having loads of possession as their average possession 39.8% and 10th in the league. They are 11th for average passes per match (at 195) and for possession won in final 3rd they are 10th.

Last season they were 3rd bottom for % of xG from build up (attacks with 4 or more passes starting from own half) at 16.1% and 3rd bottom for % of xG from offensive attacks (attacks with 4 or more passes) at 17.6%. Generally their goal attempts would come from attacks with less than 4 passes and from set plays.

They are 2nd for clearances per match and also 2nd for saves per match.

Against Hearts they had an xG of 1.35 but 0 goals and against Ross County they had an xG of 0.55 but 2 goals. Match probabilities are; - Celtic 62% - Motherwell 14% - a draw 24%

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