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33 Matches - Some more stats

Following on from my look at xPts and xG below are some stats from the first 33 rounds of matches.

Celtic top for least amount of long balls per game (43) and lowest % of total passes being long balls at 7%. Celtic were also top for passing accuracy of those long balls at 54%.

Celtic were 2nd bottom (Rangers were bottom) for % of forward passes at 61.9%.

Rangers were top for crossing accuracy while Celtic were 5th.

For accurate passes Celtic average 570 per game and 21% of 2nd place Rangers. Best of the rest was Aberdeen on 342. Celtic were also top for passing accuracy at 87%.

However Rangers had best cross accuracy at 27%.

For aerials won Celtic were top on 56.5% with Motherwell 2nd on 53% while Rangers were 2nd best for tackles won on 62.5%.

Livingston did not have the same height in their team from the year before and were bottom for aerials won at 42%.

For refereeing decisions Celtic and Rangers were joint 3rd on 7 penalties each and Celtic were 2nd with only 2 penalties against.

Rangers had the least amount of minutes sent off (at 7 minutes) and Dundee Utd had the most amount of minutes for opponents sent off at 157 minutes.

Lastly I look at possession and Celtic had the most % of their attacks down the left at 39.6% and least amount down the right at 34.5%. Dundee had the most down the middle at 26.8% with Hibernian mostly left or right as they had only 21% down the middle.

Overall Celtic had the most average possession at 69.8% and Celtic have been winning an average of 47 minutes out of 90 and despite Ross County having a well documented good season they were only leading in games an average of 18 minutes.

Celtic are only averaging 5 minutes lost per game and this is 69% better than Rangers.

36% of Celtic games are in the opponents defensive third and despite Aberdeen having the third most possession at 57% they had the least amount of game played in their opponents defensive third at 27%.

Celtic had the most crosses per game at 29 and the most corners per game at an average of 9.4.

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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