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Celtic Champion League Pressing

As mentioned in my Leipzig match review Celtic's pressing is high on quantity but not so on quality.

Celtic are high on pressures at 7th out of 32 Champions League teams averaging 142 per game.

However at a 21.5% success rate this results in only 31 successful pressures per game and this is 25th out of 32 teams.

For final third pressures Celtic are 2nd behind Liverpool who are just ahead on 60 final third pressures per match.

Celtic's final third pressures accounts for 41.2% of their total pressures and this is the 3rd most behind Liverpool and Man City. Man City average 48 pressures in the final third per game and this is 41.5% of their total pressures.

This would indicate Celtic have a high quantity of pressures but low quality and that their pressures are concentrated in the final third.

This could possibly be a reason for tiredness later in the game and I have highlighted how Celtic's performances dip from 55 minutes onwards.

This could probably suggest Celtic would be better being more strategic on their presses and maybe trying them in the middle third as well.

It would be good to hear the views of others on this as well.

Also worth noting is that 49.3% of Celtic's opponents pressures (against Celtic) are coming in the middle third and that is 7th most of any team's opponents.

I mention in how Celtic's performance has dipped in the last 35 minutes against Real Madrid and RB Leipzig and high quantity pressing and low quality pressing must have an impact.

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