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Celtic NOT conceding Set Play chances in CL

Celtic have this reputation for conceding set play goals and set play chances so it may surprise many to read the following.

Celtic are the top performers out of 32 Champions League in regards to Set Play Chances Conceded. Both in terms of chances conceded and chances conceded as a % of total chances conceded.

Celtic have conceded a total of only 0.19 xG from set plays in the 5 Champions League games played so far. That is the lowest with Liverpool the second lowest on 0.38. The average is 1.14 with Sevilla being the worst at 2.35 Set Play xG conceded.

Only 2.7% of the chances conceded by Celtic have been from set plays and that is the lowest out of the 32 teams also. Again Liverpool being the second lowest with Dortmund being the worst on 29.9%.

That is testament to a structured way of defending and the teamwork involved.

0.05 came in the last game against Shakhtar with the first game against Shakhtar producing 0 xG conceded from set plays. The first game (against Real Madrid) also had xG from set plays conceded.

Away to Leipzig saw 0.06 set play xG conceded at the most conceded in one game was the 0.08 at home to Leipzig.

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