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Celtic's 17

As the transfer window comes to an end the decision on who becomes Celtic's 17 for the Champions League will finally be made.

That's 17 in the squad plus 4 locally trained and 4 Celtic trained.

So far at the moment we have (locally trained and Celtic trained in brackets);

  • Hart and Siegrist (Bain and Oluwayemi)

  • Johnston (Ralston)

  • Bernabei (Taylor and Montgomery)

  • Carter-Vickers, Nawrocki, Lagerbielke, Kobayashi and Scales (Welsh, Lawal and Murray)

  • Iwata, Kwon and Soro (McGregor and McCarthy)

  • Holm and Hatate

  • O'Riley (Turnbull)

  • Abada and Tilio (Forrest and Vata)

  • Kyogo, Oh and Ajeti (Kenny)

  • Maeda, Yang and Haksabanovic (Johnston)

Out of the 23 above it's safe to say Soro and Ajeti won't be included but that still leaves 4 to be removed before Celtic bring in the 5 rumoured signings. I've not even included Palma above.

Siegrist could drop out but only 2 keepers is a risk. Bernabei could too but then there is no back up left back.

Scales and possibly Kobayashi could have been left out but not now with the injuries. Although Kobayashi is injured at the moment but I believe he will be back before Carter-Vickers, Nawrocki and Welsh.

So who is the 4 to be left out? Haksabanovic could be one and Kwon another. So even without signing another player we are leaving out Haksabanovic, a player who played at the weekend.

The team needs freshened up so there will have to be some leavers to accomodate the new signings. Abada could be one of them. He's not ideal for Rodgers system and Celtic could probably get a decent fee for him.

That still leaves 2 to be left out.

Will Hatate been gone too?

The end of this transfer window is going to be interesting and not just for the arrivals but for the departures too.

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