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Celtic v Kilmarnock (Match Stats)

Celtic 2

xG 3.25

(Jota 45 and Taylor OG 51)

Kilmarnock 0

xG 0.08

Celtic's xG was 3.25 with fotmob and 4.74 with Wyscout but I've used fotmob above to be consistent with the rest of the season. However fotmob had Kilmarnock with an xG of 0.45 but from 2 shots of 0.04. I think they've made a mistake and maybe is something to do with the own goal. Wyscout had Kilmarnock at 0.10 (but from 1 shot).

64% of Celtic's xG came in the last quarter of the game as this was the typical game of two halves. Celtic had only 4 shots at goal in the first half and had 20 shots in the second half.

Celtic's and Kilmarnock's xG by quarter below.

Starfelt had the most passes in the match at 148 with 60% of them coming in the first half and 53 of his 135 accurate passes were to Bernabei. Bernabei received the most passes in the game receiving 133.

The back 5 (back 4 plus Hart) had 62% of the team's passes in the first half and that dropped to 58% in the second half and that seemed to make the difference. Mooy only had 6.7% of the team's passes in the first half and that position usually has about 10.7%. McGregor only had 7% of the team's passes in the game and that position has 12% for the season.

Hatate was positioned in the more further forward No.8 role which he's not done too many times this season. He had 11% of the team's passes in the first half and that position usually has 9%.

53% of Celtic's attacks came down the left and 20% came down the right and the left hand side being more dominant is no surprise but those numbers are. Those were the highest for the left and lowest for the right this season with the average being 39% left and 35% right.

It was maybe something to do with the fact Bernabei does like to stay left like a conventional full back whereas Johnston seemed very comfortable coming inside the pitch and even going over to the left hand side.

Bernabei's touch map below.

Johnston's touch map below.

Top xG contributions in this game were Jota 0.94, Giakoumakis 0.7, Maeda 0.52, Forrest 0.5, Kyogo 0.37, O'Riley 0.37 and Hatate 0.11.

For Post Shot xG Jota (+27%), Giakoumakis (+47%), Forrest (+10%), Kyogo (+84%) and Hatate (+82%) all had higher Post Shot xG than xG with Maeda (-52%) and O'Riley (-89%) having less.

For xA top contributors were Maeda with 0.43 and Hatate with 0.22.

Celtic lined up with;

  • Hart

  • Johnston, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt and Bernabei

  • Mooy, McGregor and Hatate

  • Jota, Kyogo and Maeda

Celtic had three changes from the team that started against Rangers with Bernabei, Mooy and Jota coming in for Taylor, O'Riley and Forrest.

Abada, O'Riley, Giakoumakis, Forrest and Turnbull all came on as subs for Jota, Mooy, Kyogo, Maeda and Hatate.

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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