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Celtic v Real Madrid (Match Stats)

Celtic 0 xG 1.27 Real Madrid 3 xG 1.84

(Vinicius Junior 56, Modric 60 and 77 Hazard)

Celtic were leading the xG trendline cumulatively up until 40 minutes with Real Madrid overtaking it just before half time. Celtic again lead after 50 and 55 minutes but Real Madrid took control after this and kept in control till the end of the match.

Real Madrid have played 5 games this season and 1.84 is the lowest xG they have achieved with their previous 4 games being 2.89, 2.09, 3.8 and 2.12.

For goal contributions it was;

  • Maeda on 0.73. 0.7 xG and 0.03 xA with 0.91 Post Shot xG

  • Jota on 0.53. 0.04 xG and 0.51 xA with 0 Post Shot xG

  • McGregor on 0.38. 0.04 xG and 0.34 xA with 0 Post Shot xG

  • Juranovic on 0.36 xA

  • Abada on 0.23 xG. With 0.02 Post Shot xG

  • O'Riley on 0.21. 0.07 xG and 0.14 xA with 0 Post Shot xG

  • Haksabanovic on 0.13. 0.11 xG and 0.02 xA with 0.18 Post Shot xG

  • Kyogo on 0.08 xG with 0 Post Shot xG

  • Giakoumakis on 0.06 xA

  • Taylor on 0.04 xA

  • Hatate on 0.03. 0.01 xG and 0.02 xA with 0.04 Post Shot xG

  • Mooy on 0.02 xA

  • Turnbull on 0.01 xA

  • Carter-Vickers on 0.01 xA

  • Jenz on 0.01 xA

41% of Celtic's passes came from the midfield and the average for this is 30%. Usually the higher this is the better Celtic perform but on this occasion the opponents were just too strong. Callum McGregor having the most passes at 68.

Modric had 91 passes and Kroos 124.

Given the quality of opposition a lot of the time it would be down to how well Celtic defended and looking at the stats for pressures Matt O'Riley had the most at 23 with 16 of these pressures coming in the attacking third.

While Callum McGregor had the most successful pressures at 6 and he had a 46% success rate on pressures.

Celtic lined up with 2 changes to the team with Jenz and Giakoumakis coming in for

Starfelt and Kyogo as they did during the game on Saturday versus Rangers.

Starfelt didn't make the squad but Kyogo did and came on as a sub along with Mooy, Turnbull, Maeda and Haksabanovic.

Looking at the average positions then this has been the closest the team has looked like a 4-2-3-1 even though it has been a bit of a hybrid at times throughout the season.

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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