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Eddie Howe (Part 2)

Eddie Howe is an outstanding candidate for the Celtic Head Coach position and in my opinion any Head Coach position.

I explained in Part 1 that his Achievements are excellent and are a valid reason on why he would be great for Celtic.

Part 2


Despite the unbelievable and unprecedented success Eddie Howe achieved as described in Part 1 which was endorsed by his Manager of the Decade award, Eddie is still seen by some as a rookie Manager.

Maybe because of his profile connected mostly just to one club but also because of his age. He’s still only 43. Compared to the average age of a Premier League Manager at 53.

Eddie is a very hungry and driven young man which is something I believe we need at Celtic as we look at the next phase of our journey.

A key student of the game he has spent time with many Managers all over the world and includes time with our very own Brendan Rodgers. He is an educated man and is always keen to learn more and more. He used to read the Financial Times and buy shares when he was 18 years old.

He starts work at 6.30am every day and is always working long days striving for that perfection for his teams.

On gaining promotion one of the Bournemouth players phoned Eddie Howe’s wife to say thank you for the sacrifices she does in allowing Eddie to spend all the time he does working for the team.

According to The Athletic in 2015 Liverpool had a short list of 3 candidates for their vacant Manager position. Klopp, Ancelotti and Howe.

In this clip Callum Wilson is asked to describe Eddie Howe in one word and his answer is “tactical” ….. Exactly what we need.

Bournemouth Chairman Jeff Mostyn said he is “has an insatiable appetite for self development, to develop the team, he has a loyalty and commitment, he’s calm and collected and he just wants to develop the team in his own style”.

Not only is player development high on Eddie Howe’s agenda but so is self development and this will see him only get better and better.

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