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Eddie Howe (Part 4)

Eddie Howe is an outstanding candidate for the Celtic Head Coach position and in my opinion any Head Coach position.

I explained in Part 1 that his Achievements are excellent and are a valid reason on why he would be great for Celtic, in Part 2 I mentioned how he has so much Potential and Part 3 I pointed out how he has achieved his success on limited Resources.

Part 4


Being a Manager of Celtic for me is more than just tactics and player development it is also about how you conduct yourself.

Tommy Burns always springs to mind when you think of how a Celtic Manager should conduct himself.

Eddie Howe is a very humble, honest and nice guy and is that much so that some question his ability for a bigger job stating that he is too nice.

On Match of the Day 2 … … he talks about taking the Positives out of any difficult or negative situation. He never throws any players under the bus and takes full responsibility for the team performance.

Listening to him here ……….. he comes across as a very humble and honourable man.

He is a very loyal person (as per his dedication to Bournemouth) and he stated at the time the only club he would leave Burnley for was to go back to Bournemouth. If Eddie Howe came to Celtic he would be here for the long term and the only job he would leave us in the lurch for would be the England Manager role.

An example of the type of man he is when he was the first English Premier League Manager to take a pay cut as a result of COVID.

Eddie Howe Part 5 to follow later this evening.

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