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Eddie Howe (Part 7)

Eddie Howe is an outstanding candidate for the Celtic Head Coach position and in my opinion any Head Coach position.

I explained in Part 1 that his Achievements are excellent and are a valid reason on why he would be great for Celtic, in Part 2 I mentioned how he has so much Potential, in Part 3 I pointed out how he has achieved his success on limited Resources and in Part 4 I highlighted how he is such a humble guy and one that would fit into our culture at the club.

Part 5 was all about his Attractive Football playing style and how this is again aligned with what Celtic fans want to see at our club.

Despite his hunger and youthfulness Part 6 looked into his Experience and how he has gained a wealth of Experience at a young age.

Part 7

Player Development

One of Eddie Howe’s greatest strengths is his development of his players and this is an ideal fit for us as a club geared to buy players, develop them and the sell them for a big profit. Whilst winning trophies in the meantime.

Graham Hunter (Spanish Football Journalist) talking to Eddie Howe … “I’ve never met one yet (a leading coach) who is as clear about the need to individually brief and analyse with players

which is an enormous time drain for you but that is essential for your success to be so detailed with individuals and it’s a net gain in the time you spend on that”

Just a reminder then on the 7 reasons why Eddie Howe should be the man to lead Celtic's future;

- Achievements

- Potential

- Resources

- Humility

- Attractive Football

- Experience

- Player Development

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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