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Hearts v Celtic (Match Preview)

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Probabilities for the match are Celtic 70%, Hearts 11% and 19% for the draw. 70% is the same for Celtic during the week against Motherwell.

Either Hearts have dropped dramatically from last season or Celtic’s win on Wednesday has impressed.

In their last league game against Aberdeen Hearts played a 3-4-1-2;

- 1 Craig Gordon

- 19 Alexander Cochrane, 21 Toby Sibbick and 3 Stephen Kingsley

- 17 Alan Forrest, 77 Robert Snodgrass, 8 Orestis Kiomourtzoglou and 16 Andy Halliday

- 18 Barrie McKay

- 29 Stephen Humphrys and 9 Lawrence Shankland

Only 4 players (Cochrane, Sibbick, Halliday and Forrest) who were in the starting line up at Celtic Park earlier in the season.

Cochrane’s average position shows more as left wing back as he went there to replace Halliday after 10 minutes with Neilson coming on to play right centre back.

Hearts don’t have any players in the top 20 for xA per 90 this season and their top player is Atkinson with 0.21.

Barrie McKay was the top player outwith Celtic and Rangers last season (at 7th) with 0.29 xA per 90 and he has dropped to 0.17 this year.

Lawrence Shankland is their best for xG per 90 (at 9th) and he has 0.52 xG per 90 this season which isn’t surprising as he is a quality finisher.

Hearts are only 6th in the league for NP xG with 9.5 and they are worse (4th bottom) for NP xGA at 12.46.

Celtic have always had tough games at Tynecastle but I can see Celtic winning this by a couple of goals.

My prediction is Celtic to win 3-1.

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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