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Match Stats (Celtic v Motherwell)

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Celtic 1

xG 2.57

(Rogic 45+2)

Motherwell 0

xG 0.66

Before kick off our probabilities of winning the game were 80%, a defeat 5% and draw 15%. Celtic scored in the 15 minute spell we were most dominant in where we had 177 touches and 79% possession.

Overall possession was 71% in Celtic's favour with 829 touches versus 439. For accurate passes it was 523 v 137 with accuracy being 86% v 57%.

Our team line up was;

- 15 Hart

- 88 Juranovic, 20 Carter-Vickers, 4 Starfelt and 3 Taylor - 18 Rogic, 6 Bitton and 42 McGregor - 11 Abada, 14 Turnbull and 49 Forrest

With Turnbull playing in an unfamiliar centre forward role. Although he played more as a false 9 than a Kyogp type forward on the line of the last defender.

Johnston came on as a sub for Forrest and Ralston came on for Johnston. Carter-Vickers had the most touches with 103 and 9.5% of the possession. Starfelt had the most accurate passes at 73 (92%). Abada and Bitton had the best accuracy with 95% and 94%. In regards to key passes Turnbull had 7, McGregor had 6 and the three players up the right hand side (Juranovic, Rogic and Abada) all had 2 each.

Turnbull and Carter-Vickers were the top rated with 7.9/8.51 and 8.2/7.92 respectively. McGregor and Rogic were next with 7.4/8.31 and 8.0/8.19 respectively.

xG achieved has been reported as Rogic 0.92, Forrest 0.51, Taylor 0.47, Johnston 0.27, Abada 0.14, Juranovic 0.12, Turnbull 0.11 and McGregor 0.03

Motherwell had 9 shots at goal to Celtic's 26 with box shots being 8 and 20. Motherwell having a lot of box shots. As highlighted in the match preview I mentioned Motherwell were 2nd best to Celtic in regards to quality of shots taken this year at 0.121 xG per shot so no big surprise on 8 out of 9 shots being box shots. However there xG per shot was only 0.073 in this game.

Aerials won was 60% v 40% in Celtic's favour and tackles won was 70% for Celtic and 78% for Motherwell. xG split by half was; - 1st half 1.23 v 0.34 - 2nd half 1.34 v 0.32

0.62 (24%) of Celtic's xG was from set plays and 0.1 (15%) of Motherwell's xG was from set plays and Celtic did well do reduce Motherwell on xG from set plays as mentioned in the preview they are top for set play xG in the league with 0.6 per game and 52% of their total xG.

40% of Celtic's attacks came down the left and 34% came down the right.

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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