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Match Stats (Celtic v Real Betis)

Celtic 3

xG 2.15

(Welsh 3, Henderson 72 and Turnbull PEN 78)

Real Betis 2

xG 2.47 (Bain OG 69 and Iglesias 74)

Before kick off our probabilities of winning the game were 36%, a defeat 38% and draw 216%.

Celtic had the most possession in the 0-15 minutes segment and the 60-75 minutes segment with 53% and 52% however the 60-75 minute segment saw only 81 touches which was the second lowest segment for Celtic (and lowest for Real Betis). Overall possession was 55% v 45% in Betis's favour with 708 touches versus 631. For accurate passes it was 406 v 336 with accuracy being 84% v 81% all in Betis's favour.

Our team line up was;

- 29 Bain

- 26 Urhoghide 6 Bitton, 57 Welsh and 5 Scales - 12 Soro, 16 McCarthy and 30 Shaw

- 11 Abada, 10 Ajeti and 54 Montgomery

Kyogo, Turnbull, McGregor, Johnston and Henderson all came on as subs for Ajeti, Soro, Shaw, Montgomery and Kyogo.

On one hand it looked like Real Betis had the B Team out with only 4 players from their most played 17 players (Celtic playing 6 from 17) however the average % of minutes played for the Betis line up was 37% while Celtic's was only 21%.

Therefore Celtic's team were far more weaker in regards to being an A Team compared to Real Betis.

Usually when plotting the average player positions for Celtic after each game there has been a clear shape to the team this season. However last night saw some slight nuances;

- Urhoghide deeper than Welsh where normally the deepest two players are the two centre halfs.

- Soro (playing as a No.8) was deeper than McCarthy and also deeper than Scales.

- Montgomery deeper than Shaw. Scales had the most touches with 78 and 6.2% of the possession. Welsh had the most accurate passes at 48 and at 98% accuracy. Welsh actually had 100% on medium passes and long passes with 25 out of 25 and 7 out of 7. Welsh's passes total 1061 yards.

For key passes Abada had 2 and Joaquin had 6.

Top rated players were Abada 8.02 and 7.6, Welsh 7.48 and 7.3 and Urhoghide 7.24 and 7.3.

Ewan Henderson had the most NP xG at 0.7 and the next highest was on 0.1 and for xA it was Mikey Johnston on 0.7 (for the Henderson assist) and again the rest were on 0.1. Real Betis had 19 shots at goal to Celtic's 8 with box shots being 10 and 7 in Betis's favour. Aerials won was 53% v 47% in Celtic's favour and tackles won was 66% for Celtic and 73% for Real Betis. xG split by half was; - 1st half 0.15 v 0.82 - 2nd half 2.00 v 1.66

Although the total xG was 2.15 v 2.47 for NP xG it was 1.36 v 2.47 and 1.11 variance in Real Betis's favour which is quite a difference. A massive 53% of Celtic's attacks came down the left with 26% coming down the right and 21% through the centre.

Montgomery, McCarthy and Urhoghide had the most presses with 21 each with Urhoghide having the most successful presses with 10 (47.6% success rate). Urhoghide's presses distribution was 16 in the defensive third, 4 in the middle third and 1 in the attacking third.

The most presses for Betis came from Akouokou with 30 although only 10 of them were successful.

Scales had the most progressive passes with 6 and the most recoveries with 9.

Liam Shaw received the most progressive passes with 7 and he received 35 passes (85.4% success rate of players trying to pass to Liam Shaw). The best for success rate was Welsh and Bitton on 100% with 45 out of 45 and 39 out of 39.

And I've not even mentioned the decision to play Kyogo :(

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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