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Match Stats (Rangers v Celtic)

It's a wee bit late but here is my Match Stats report from the Rangers game.

Rangers 1 xG 0.8 (Helander 66) Celtic 0 xG 1.56 Before kick off our probabilities of winning the game were 35%, with a defeat 36% and a draw 29%.

Our team line up was; - 15 Hart - 56 Ralston, 4 Starfelt, 57 Welsh, 4 Starfelt and 88 Juranovic - 17 Christie, 42 McGregor and 14 Turnbull - 11 Abada, 22 Edouard and 8 Kyogo Juranovic coming in for his debut and playing at left back which is not something he did at all last season at Legia Warsaw. Soro, Montgomery and Rogic all made an appearance as subs.

The average positions of each player are on the visual opposite.

The Rangers line up was;

- 28 McCrorie

- 26 Balogun, 6 Goldson, 5 Helander and 31 Barisic

- 17 Aribo, 10 Davis and 18 Kamara

- 25 Roofe, 20 Morelos and 14 Kent

Subs for Rangers were Lundstram, Sakala and Arfield.

Rangers shape very much of killing the space in the middle and defending as a unit.

Our shape actually looks ok apart from the gap between Abada and Edouard.

Juranovic had the most touches of the ball which is amazing for a debut out of position. He had 122 touches of the ball. For comparison Barisic had 63.

Starfelt had the most passes at 104 and with an accuracy of 87%.

As much as we were all disappointed that Kyogo was positioned wide left he did have 0.53 xG and 0.73 xA from the chance he created for Edouard. If Edouard scored that chance we would all have been saying playing Kyogo wide left was good. For me it was just that Edouard was ineffective. Yes Kyogo would have been better in the middle but he did contribute while playing wide left.

In regards to xG 13% of our xG came from set plays meanwhile 53% of Rangers xG came from set plays. Post Shot xG was 0.42 for Rangers and 0.69 for Celtic.

Last season possession was 51% to Rangers for both home games and 56% to Celtic for both home games. This game astonishingly saw Celtic with 66% possession however 29% of the games was played in our defensive final third and 26% played in Rangers defensive final third meaning while we dominated possession we weren't making much traction with it through Rangers well organised defensive set up. 51% of our attacks came down the left and 34% down the right. We had 36% of our passes going backwards while Rangers had 26%.

Celtic's passing accuracy was between 85% and 88% for each 15 minute period with the exception of just after half time when it dropped to 73%.

Possession was in Celtic's favour (again apart from just after half time) and it was at its most in the last third of the game. Celtic had 200 touches in the last 15 minute period.

In terms of match rating Ralston had the highest rating both on Fotmob and WhoScored with 7.65 and 7.4.

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