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Minutes Leading (first 11 games of the season)

After 11 games each and every team having played every other team the below stats look at the amount of minutes in each game that each team was winning, drawing and losing.

I've produced the below table based on 3pts for every minute leading and 1pt for every minute drawing of the 11 games played so far this season.

Celtic lead the way with an average of 1.73pts for each minute played. (IE 1pt per minute would be equivalent of drawing every minute of every game and 2pts per minute would be the equivalent of winning 45minutes of every game and drawing the other 45minutes).

Celtic have been leading in 431 minutes of the 990 played which for 3pts per minute gives them 1293 pts. Rangers are 2nd best leading in 419 minutes of their games.

In regards to losing Celtic have been losing the 3rd least with 136 minutes of their games they have been losing. Hearts are the best with only 98 minutes of play being minutes they have been losing and Dundee Utd are 2nd best with 117 minutes losing. Rangers are 4th best with 195 minutes losing.

Dundee are bottom performers as they have only been leading in 69 minutes and they have been losing the most (456 minutes).

The above is just an alternative way of looking at performances and doesn't take into account the amount of home games versus away games and rank of opposition at home versus rank of opposition away etc. At least after 11 games every team has played every team.

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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