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October Review

Played 6 won 2, drew 2 and lost 2

A terrible month with 5 points dropped in the league and our worst performances of the season so far. A game against Rangers that we didn't even have a shot on target. Injuries played a big part although tactics and coaching could be questioned.

4 of the games were played with a 352 (making a total of 9 games as 352) then we reverted back to a 4231. The 352 had 8 different forward partnerships in the 9 games. (Ajeti/Edouard, Klimala/Ajeti, Christie/Edouard, Christie/Ajeti, Elyounoussi/Ajeti, Elyounoussi/Edouard twice, Elyounoussi/Klimala and Ajeti/Griffiths)

We didn't play the same team twice in October and in fact have only played the same team twice all season and they were in back to back games (versus Ferencvaros and Motherwell).

In the league;

- 1 point was achieved over the 3 games

- All metrics were lower than September and August

- We only lead for 13mins in total over the 3 games.

- Our opposition was our hardest yet

Player of the Month for October would have to be Elyounoussi with 3 goals, 5 shots, 2 key passes and a man of the match performance versus Lille and he started in both our 2 wins and our draw. His 2 goals versus Lille got us a point and he came on as a sub versus AC Milan and got us a goal back.

In all games;

- Elyounoussi was top scorer with 3 goals in October

- Rogic had the most assists with 2

- Totals for the season so far now where, in all games;

- Elyounoussi 7 has 7 goals, Edouard has 6 goals, Ajeti 5, Christie 4, McGregor 3, Klimala 3, Jullien 2, Forrest 2, Duffy 2, Griffiths 2, Frimpong 1, Taylor 1, Ajer 1 and 1 OG.

- Christie had 6 assists, Taylor 3, Elhamed 3, Jullien 2, Ntcham 2, Elyounoussi 2, McGregor 2, Rogic 2, Frimpong 2, Ajeti 2, Forrest 1, Jullien 1, Ajer 1, Duffy 1 and Turnbull 1

In league games;

- McGregor had the most shots at 6

- Turnbull had the most key passes at 5

Totals for the season so far now are, in league games;

- Christie had 37 shots at goal, Edouard 26, Forrest 17, , Elyounoussi 15, Duffy 14, McGregor 13, Ajeti 10, Frimpong 10, Klimala 10, Jullien 8, Ntcham 8, Brown 7, Ajer 6, Turnbull 6, Griffiths 4, Bitton 3, Rogic 2, Elhamed 1, Taylor 1 and Laxalt 1

- McGregor had 29 key passes, Christie 28, Turnbull 15, Brown 13, Frimpong 13, Taylor 10, Ajer 10, Ntcham 9, Forrest 6, Elyounoussi 6, Elhamed 6, Ajeti 4, Edouard 3, Bitton 3, Rogic 3, Soro 2, Laxalt 2, Duffy 2, Griffiths 1 and Jullien 1

Man of the Matches (league only) in October;

- Duffy 1, Brown 1 and Rogic 1

Totals for the season so far now where (league ony);

- Christie 4, Duffy 2, Edouard 1, McGregor 1, Brown 1, Rogic 1 and Forrest 1

Pts per game for the season so far (league - only counting players who started);

- Elhamed (12pts from 12), Bitton (6pts from 6) and Turnbull (3pts from 3) are on 3pts per game for August, September and October

- Taylor (22pts from 24) is on 2.75pts per game

- Edouard (16pts from 18pts) is on 2.67pts per game

- Jullien and Forrest (13pts from 15) are on 2.6pts per game

- Christie (20pts from 24) and Ajeti (10pts from 12) are on 2.5pts per game

- Brown and Barkas (22pts from 27) are on 2.44pts per game

- McGregor (26pts from 33) is on 2.36pts per game

- Ajer (23pts from 30) is on 2.3pts per game

- Duffy and Ntcham (16pts from 21) are on 2.29pts per game

- Frimpong (20pts from 27) is on 2.22 per game

- Elyounoussi (17pts from 24) is on 2.13pts per game

- Bain (4pts from 6) is on 2pts per game

- Klimala (3pts from 6) is on 1.5pts per game

- Rogic (1pt from 3) is on 1pt per game

- Laxalt (1pt from 6) is on 0.5pts per game

- Welsh (0pts from 3) is on 0pts per game

A total of 22 players started this season so far

Injuries in October;

- Forrest 6 games out

- Elhamed and Jullien 4 games out

- Bitton and Edouard 3 games out

- Ajeti 2 games out

- Barkas and Christie 1 game out

There were 7 ever present players in October (all games);

- Duffy, Ajer

- Brown and McGregor

- Frimpong and Nchtam

- Elyounoussi

- (Ntcham and Brown didn't start every game - Ntcham started every league game though)

- (Duffy, McGregor and Frimpong were the only 3 that played the full 540 minutes of all games)

- (Turnbull was an ever present for all league games in October making it 8 players ever present for league games in September)

- Laxalt played 4 games from 6 but that was every one he was available for due to signing after the first 2 games in October.

There were 3 ever present players in August, September and October (all games);

- Brown, McGregor and Ntcham

- (Ntcham and Brown didn't start every game - and the ones they didn't start including league games)

- (No players played the full minutes of all games)

- (Frimpong and Ajer were ever present for all league games making it 5 players for league games in August, September and October)

- Duffy and Lazalt were ever present since they signed with both starting every game since they signed

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