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Playing 2 forwards without 2 forwards

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Team Line Up v St Johnstone

Well the Tinkerman does it again.

Today is our 36th different line up this season with us having only 5 line ups that have been played twice and 0 line ups that have been played 3 times.

Duffy for Welsh is understandable as a straight swap given Welsh's injury.

However how many times will we play 2 forwards without 2 forwards?

Or maybe I've got it wrong and it's a different formation (4231??). Who knows?

I'm assuming;

- Bain

- Kenny, Duffy, Ajer and Taylor

- Brown

- Christie, Turnbull and McGregor

- Rogic and Edouard

Or maybe Christie is up front with Edouard with Rogic staying at No.8 (that again would be baffling).

There is no surprise in my opinion that Edouard's form has improved recently given that he is playing with another forward and a forward who will play further forward than him. This gives Edouard more space and suits his game.

Ajeti is the type of forward who may not look great during a game but will score goals. His goals per minute testifies to that. Similar to some forwards we've had in the past.

A partnership won't work straight away. You need to work at it and give them time. Lennon has not given them time to work despite the fact we are scoring more goals recently when they've played together and given the fact Edouard has improved with this partnership.

We fought Ajeti's ban and won and now we don't play him!!!

Christie played well when he came on during the week so Lennon has wanted to bring him in. Rogic played well in a surprising No.8 role. So what does Lennon do? Just pick what you think are your best 11 and ignore tactics, formations and what the opposition may do.

I'm assuming Rogic is being put up front. So he has a good game and is now out of opposition.

Lennon was asked about St Mirren prior to the game on Wednesday and he commented about their counter attack threat. The have the 4th least counter attacking threat in the league.

Before today's game Lennon mentioned how well Callum Davidson has done at St Johnstone and the recent resurgence of Stevie May. Stevie May has hardly played and he hasn't scored in 10 or 11 games.

We have lacked width this year and I've asked for more width even from our 442diamond formation. Today we will have Rogic and Turnbull getting in each other's road and Christie possibly joining in too .... and all central with no width.

This is all very baffling.

I'm looking forward to seeing how these tactics and formation actually play through when watching the game.

Hopefully this doesn't affect our result today and we give a good performance. If we have a good performance today it will not because of Lennon. It will be in spite of him.

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