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Preview (Celtic v St Johnstone)

St Johnstone are 9th in the league this season with only 14 points from 13 games and they are obviously not performing as well as they did last year when they finished 5th and won two cups. The loss of Ali McCann and Jason Kerr in the summer will have had an impact as well as the fact they will have been given more respect this year based on their achievements last year.

Their line up for the last 2 games has been 3-4-2-1 and that will be a similar formation today although very defensively as they were in the recent game at Celtic Park.

Their line up today is;

- Clark

- Rooney, Gordon, McCart

- Brown, Davidson, Bryson, Booth

- O'Halloran, Wotherspoon

- Kane

However the right side could see some swaps with Brown potentially right centre back and Rooney or O'Halloran potentially right wing back.

Below is a graph on 6 game rolling average of NP xG and NP xGA including last season and this season so far.

You can see a big decline in NP xG and also a big increase in NP xGA with it now being a negative differential of 0.65

Match probabilities are;

- Celtic 70%

- St Johnstone 11%

- a draw 19%

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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