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Shooting stats (first 11 games)

Following on from my other stats tables for the first 11 games the below is based on shooting.

The above table is ranked on NP xG average per game which Celtic are leading on 2.84 NP xG per game.

However this is 0.48 more than Celtic are scoring per game so some opportunities missed perhaps? (or maybe unlucky at times?). Celtic's Post Shot xG at 2.5 would suggest some bad luck or good goalkeeping in the actual goal scored of 2.36.

Hearts have an NP xG of 0.95 per game which is ranked 8th but their goals for per game of 1.55 is 3rd. Given that their Post Shot NP xG is 1.22 per game then this may indicate their good finishing is an attributor. With quality up front in Mackay-Steven, McKay and Boyce and excellent free kicks from Kingsley then good finishing could well be the cause of 3rd highest goals scored. It also highlights an opportunity for Hearts to get better at creating good goalscoring chances. This would be backed up by their 0.082 NP xG per shot which is the 3rd lowest. Highest by far is Celtic's on 0.141 and Kyogo has had a significant impact on that with his movement into great goalscoring positions.

Celtic also have the most shots per game at 20.1 but Rangers have the most box shots per game at 13.3.

Only 13% of Celtic's NP xG comes from set plays which in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing because a very high Open Play NP xG can contribute to this and Celtic do have a massive Open Play NP xG of 2.46 which is more than double Rangers in second.

However what is worth noting is that Celtic's actual Set Play NP xG is at 0.38 per game which is very similar to St Mirren and well behind Rangers and Motherwell. Celtic should be able to produce more Set Play NP xG than Motherwell.

The above is just an alternative way of looking at performances and doesn't take into account the amount of home games versus away games and rank of opposition at home versus rank of opposition away etc. At least after 11 games every team has played every team.

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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