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Celtic v Hibernian (Preview)

Probabilities for the match are Celtic 76%, Hibernian 8% and 16% for the draw.

Hibernian have had the luxury of playing the exact same starting eleven in the last four games. They play with a back four and flirt between a 4-2-3-1 formation and a 4-1-4-1 one.

In their last game (v Dundee Utd on Tuesday) they lined up with the following;

  • Marshall (1)

  • Cadden (12), Porteous (5), Hanlon (4) and Cabraja (3)

  • Kenneh (6)

  • Boyle (77), Newell (11), Campbell (32) and Youan (23)

  • Kukharevych (99)

In goals was David Marshall (1) who signed in the summer has conceded 1 goal more than expected from Post Shot xG and that is 4th out of the keepers in the league.

Right back is Chris Cadden (12). Cadden has 0.09 xA per 90.

Centre backs are Ryan Porteous (5) and Paul Hanlon (4) and they have the most accurate passes per 90 excluding Celtic and Rangers players with 53.4 and 52.6 passes per 90. Porteous has the most accurate long balls per 90 (even including Celtic and Rangers players) at 8.2 per 90.

Left back is Croatian Marijan Cabraja (3) who they signed from Dinamo Zagreb in the summer.

In defensive midfield it is 19 year old Nohan Kenneh (6) who signed from Leeds in the summer and he came through the Leeds academy.

Right wing is Martin Boyle (77). He has 0.31 xG per 90 and 0.13 xA per 90.

Joe Newell (11) and Josh Campbell (32) are in central midfield. Newell is on 0.16 xA per 90 and Campbell is on 0.12.

Left wing is Frenchman Thody Elie Youan (23) and he is on loan from Swiss team St Gallen. He has 0.21 xG per 90 and 0.16 xA per 90.

Up front was 21 year old Ukranian Mykola Kukharevych (99) who is on loan from French club Troyes. He is on 0.36 xG per 90 and 0.25 xA per 90.

Hibernian are 3rd in the league for xPts, NP xG and NP xGA. They are also 3rd in the actual league table.

Below is their xPts 6 game rolling average graph for last season and this season so far.

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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2 comentarios

Tony McLaughlin
Tony McLaughlin
15 oct 2022

Basically just the bookmaker probabilties readjusted to take out their profit margin.

Me gusta

Conor Cahalane
Conor Cahalane
15 oct 2022

how are probabilities for the match calculated?

Me gusta
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