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Eddie Howe (Part 5)

Eddie Howe is an outstanding candidate for the Celtic Head Coach position and in my opinion any Head Coach position.

I explained in Part 1 that his Achievements are excellent and are a valid reason on why he would be great for Celtic, in Part 2 I mentioned how he has so much Potential, in Part 3 I pointed out how he has achieved his success on limited Resources and in Part 4 I highlighted how he is such a humble guy and one that would fit into our culture at the club.

Part 5

Attractive Football

At Celtic we pride ourselves on the attractive football we have seen over the years and as we build for the future it is imperative we have someone who will deliver football that will excite us.

Steve Clarke has been rumoured to be in the frame but his style of play is not that what we want. That might be a bit unfair on Steve Clarke as he has a tremendous coaching record and while his football has been pragmatic and to avoid defeat it doesn’t mean to say he couldn’t succeed with attacking football if given a chance.

However why take the risk when there is someone like Eddie Howe available? Howe’s football is all about attacking football and scoring more goals than they concede. This principle stayed with him through all his time and included his time in the English Premier League where a more defensive minded approached would have been accepted.

As can be seen here …. ...... Harry Redknapp lauds over Eddie Howe’s attractive Football. “I’ve seen the best football I’ve seen in years watching Bournemouth”.

Eddie Howe says he always plays to win and has never played a game not to lose. This is exactly the type of Manager we need. We need to win every game and some Managers have never faced that type of challenge.

Gordon Strachan did well for us but sometimes his football wasn’t the greatest to watch. Strachan’s strategy before joining us was always about making sure his teams wouldn’t get beat.

Eddie Howe, with 3 promotions knows what it takes to be a Manager of a team where 3 points is a must.

Brendan Rodgers talks about Eddie Howe’s philosophy being similar to his …… and Eddie talks about his attractive and attacking football philosophy here with Gary Lineker ….

Eddie Howe plays a 442 system with attacking full backs and wide players who have pace and are tasked with creating. Sometimes it may revert to a 4411.

Eddie Howe's teams have always been higher up in the goal scoring tables than their actual league position and having his teams playing attacking and attractive football would definitely make him a favourite of the Celtic support.

Eddie Howe Part 6 to follow tomorrow.

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