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Eddie Howe (Part 6)

I explained in Part 1 that his Achievements are excellent and are a valid reason on why he would be great for Celtic, in Part 2 I mentioned how he has so much Potential, in Part 3 I pointed out how he has achieved his success on limited Resources and in Part 4 I highlighted how he is such a humble guy and one that would fit into our culture at the club.

Part 5 was all about his Attractive Football playing style and how this is again aligned with what Celtic fans want to see at our club.

Part 6


Despite the comments earlier about Eddie Howe’s young age and potential it doesn’t come at the expense of experience.

There is often a debate on what type of Manager is the best to aim for;

- a) the Manager who has bags of experience and has tasted success and learnt from failures

- b) the up and coming Manager who has bags of potential and new thinking as well as a hunger that the experienced Managers don’t have.

- There are merits to both arguments but with Eddie Howe we have someone up and coming who is hungry but has bags of experience as well.

Eddie Howe has coaching experience from the age of 29 when he was reserve team coach at Bournemouth then Managerial experience from the age of 31.

He has put his wits against some of the top Managers in the game. He has had to tactically prepare for games against teams managed by Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelloti, and Jurgen Klopp among others.

He has had 200+ games against English Premier League teams and has had 545 games in total as a Manager.

Compare that to Clarke (209), Keane (181), Martinez (494) and Dyche (430) and he’s had more games than all of them, despite being younger. Even Mark Hughes (610 games) and the wealth of experience he has gained is only 65 games more than Eddie Howe.

An example of the kind of tactical battles he is up against can be listened to here as Eddie Howe explains how he set up to beat Conte’s Chelsea ………..

The good thing about Eddie Howe is that he has experience (with 3 promotions) of having to win every game (similar to Celtic in the league) but he has also experience of playing against far better teams like Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd etc where the objective is more not to get beat (similar to Celtic in some European games). This would give us the best of both worlds.

On 8th December 2018, Jurgen Klopp said “Eddie Howe is one of the best Managers I have ever met”.

Eddie Howe Part 7 (the final part of the Heptalogy) to follow later tonight

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