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Edouard & Ajeti (Part 2). Edouard by @BhoysAnalytics

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Following on from my post in which I highlight how Edouard’s stats get better when playing alongside Ajeti ( please see below player analysis on Edouard done by @BhoysAnalytics. (Ajeti analysis to follow).

Celtic Analysis Odsonne Edouard the consistent performer There has been discussion for much of the season around Edouard’s commitment to the club or whether he's trying or not. I want to put these boring arguments to bed by using data to show he has performed well.

All data used is Celtic only, no internationals or friendlies. Comparing xG from 19/20 & 20/21. We can see that Edouard is on similar goal scoring form to last season. In fact the 20/21 trendline suggests he has improved.

This improvement is emphasised when looking at Edouards rolling xG. It shows that he has improved on last season and only recently has that improvement became more drastic. This more drastic improvement is a result of the change to the 442 diamond where he has more support.

It is clear creatively is where Edouard has declined. This is of course down to factors external to himself. Such as incoherent team selection, lack of support from midfield and poor coaching instructions. Even when paired up top his strike partner is ever changing.

Last season we saw large creative improvement in Edouard when Leigh Griffith partnered him up top. Even with the change to the diamond and paired back with Griffiths again, his numbers have not recovered creatively. Perhaps coaching or Griffiths not being sharp enough.

I think Edouard has been Celtics star this season, if he had an injury similar to Jullien, we would be toiling for keeping 2nd place. Criticism of Edouard has no basis in reality and is likely spawned from clickbait garbage. His output has remained high and irreplaceable.

The post can be viewed on Twitter here and you should follow @BhoysAnalytics here ...

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