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Klimala watch

Following on from my Ajeti watch versus Aberdeen on 17th Feb ( I've produced another one. This time a Klimala watch from Saturday's game.

Similar to my Ajeti watch this is by no means trying to say that Klimala had a good game. He didn't. However it does look to see if he could have been better supported by his team-mates.

1st min - and Klimala is on his heels willing to make a run. McGregor could chip a ball over into the space behind the Aberdeen defenders but he chooses not to.

2nd min - again Klimala is making a good run. This time McGregor attempts the pass but it is not executed well enough and it is cut out.

8th min - another Klimala run could be used by Christie. Christie instead choose Edouard (as Klimala takes the defender away) and Edouard scores.

14th min - Turnbull could pass to Klimala who has space in front of him. Instead he takes it on himself and gets a shot off on the left hand side.

20th min - McGregor has an option to play in Klimala again albeit his body shape would mean a right footed pass that doesn't suit McGregor. However he chooses against this option again.

20th min - a great ball by Kenny is connected by Klimala but he can't get it on target. A disappointing miss and it should have been a goal (or at least on target). I'd have confidence in Ajeti scoring here.

27th min - Welsh decides against playing the ball over the top for Klimala and Klimala looks fed up by this stage and his body language shows this. The Aberdeen high line could have been tested here.

27th min. Despite his disappointment Klimala is on his toes again and shows for a run again in the channels that Christie could put through. Christie decides against this.

29th min - Edouard finds Klimala at the near post.

29th min - but Klimala's attempt is not great (despite a good block by the defender). Klimala could have at least tried to take a touch and engineered a chance for a better shot.

31mins Turnbull is running with the ball but the Aberdeen player is catching him and Turnbull has an option of passing to Klimala in front of him but he ignores and passes to Kenny beside him.

31st min - Edouard chips the ball in to Klimala as Klimala makes a good run. However Klimala is easily beaten by the defender.

31st min - Edouard passes to Klimala and after he controls the ball he falls down looking for a penalty which was never going to be given. We would be looking for better here from Klimala.

32nd min - Klimala collects to ball and on the swivel clips the ball over his head into Edouard's path. A great bit of technique.

34th min - McGregor this time passes through to Klimala but instead of in front of him into the space it is to Klimala's feet. Klimala tries an unconvincing shot which is blocked.

38th min - Brown is looking to chip the ball over the top of the Aberdeen defensive line. Something we didn't do enough of so pleasing to see this option was being thought about by Brown. However Brown looks towards Laxalt first despite Edouard and Klimala having more space in behind. Brown then changes his mind and passes it in midfield.

39th min - Ajer is on a run and again Klimala makes a run with space in front of him. Ajer does try to pass in the end but it is too late and the ball is lost.

43rd min - an example of our 2 forwards up against Aberdeen's 2 defenders and an opportunity to either play into their feet or in behind. In the end it is passed into midfield.

44th min - Brown does well to win the ball back and then sees Klimala's run but the Aberdeen defence get to Brown's pass first.

45mins - Edouard plays in Klimala as Klimala shows decent pace and a desire to run in behind. Klimala is then penalised for a foul as he challenges for the ball.

50mins - Klimala gives another option but is ignored again by Turnbull as Turnbull passes to the right and the possession is lost.

55th min - Christie has Klimala as an option in front of him as he cuts inside but this was ignored.

The above table looks at some stats for both Klimala and Ajeti in their games against Aberdeen. Not much between them but Ajeti did have 17 passes (at 89%) versus 5 but had 0 shots.


- Similar to the Ajeti watch Klimala has not been best supported by his team-mates offering far more options than were taken up. Again there were similar good runs in the channels.

- I have no stats for running but I'd guess Klimala does more running than Ajeti but Ajeti has a better touch and finishing ability.

- Maybe the running ability was the reason for the picking of Klimala and to support Edouard but I don't see the benefit over Ajeti and believe Ajeti would be far more effective than Klimala.

- Both should be expected to do more though.

I'm not sure why both players are not being utilised as much as they should be (with the options they give) and this could be down to a few differing reasons.

Maybe not as much bonding between the players (in a COVID year), fear of blame during games so passing to their favourites (ie Edouard as Turnbull seems to do a lot of the time) or not used to a system with 2 up front and thinking back to a 4231 system where the dynamics are not as much to pass into the forward.

Or maybe Ajeti and Klimala have been really bad in training and don't have the confidence of their team-mates. Who knows but it is definitely not as effective as it should/could be.

I'd like to see Ajeti start more if we are playing 2 up front and I would like to see more balls into his feet and into the space behind the defenders. However I've a feeling that we may end up going back to a 4231 formation.

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Excellent report. Highlights exactly what is wring with Celtic. Safe and sideways passes. Interestingly Leicester fans are starting to make the same criticism of their team.

Tony McLaughlin
Tony McLaughlin
Mar 05, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Charlie


Ramsay Stewart
Ramsay Stewart
Mar 03, 2021

I agree that Kennedy, as a Brendan Rodger's disciple, will revert to 4231 and that will allow Elyounoussi to play more. However, we moved away from that formation due to a lack of energy and dynamism with the holding 2 leaving us badly exposed to the counter. So we need to find a solution there which doesn't necessarily involve an ageing Brown and a tired McGregor. Certainly an area we need to strengthen with a Wanyama type. Off the top of the head, why not Victor Wanyama?

Tony McLaughlin
Tony McLaughlin
Mar 03, 2021
Replying to

Agreed. Brown is obviously aging and McGregor is more suited further forward.


I always thought you played to a player's strengths looking at this seems the player's do not want to play him in on goal. To many wee cliques in the Celtic team at the moment,just my opinion

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