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Edouard & Ajeti (Part 3). Ajeti by @BhoysAnalytics

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Following on from my post in which I highlight how Edouard’s stats get better when playing alongside Ajeti ( and the Part 2 post which is a player analysis on Edouard please see below player analysis on Ajeti done by @BhoysAnalytics.

I had seen a lot of divisive opinions on the performance of Albian Ajeti from the Celtic Motherwell game at the weekend. So I wanted to have a closer look at his performance and the data behind it.

Ajeti had 0.35xG & 0.13xA against Motherwell, he was unfortunate not to have a larger return and a goal to his name as he just misses a great cross from Taylor for a tap in Ajeti would get joy from crosses in this game, he has great ability to find space and make runs.

The best chance from Taylor doesn't register in the xG model but was easily Ajetis most impressive play. From the pictures we see him make a run from deep across the defender just missing the ball by inches. Great forward play.

Here Ajeti shows a strong ability to get in-between the CB pairing, on both these occasions he gets to the ball due to his clever movement and starting position. This allows him to get the edge of the defenders. Also generates dangerous touches in the box.

A final example from the opposing side where Ajeti has found a large amount of space making him available for a cut back or to have a running jump head start between the 2 CBs.

I think some of the criticism has been harsh. His performance against Motherwell showed improvement from the Kilmarnock game as he doubled the amount of touches he had in the box. He is dangerous and clever and I think goals will come. He needs to start games though.

The post can be viewed on Twitter here and you should follow @BhoysAnalytics here ...

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