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Rogic shouldn't start tonight

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The Player Impact Plot Graph below has Passing Accuracy % and Possession % for Celtic players versus Motherwell at the weekend.

O'Donnell was the Motherwell player with most possession at 5.2% and Campbell was Motherwell's best performer for pass accuracy at 88%.

Taylor was top for possession at 8.1% and Brown was top for passing accuracy at 97%.

3 observations from the above chart;

- Rogic's possession is too low and even worse when considering he played as a No.8 (and not in the hole).

- Taylor was top for possession at 8.1% and he only played 70mins. At 67mins he had 10.3% of the match possession. Taylor had 72% more possession than Rogic and was on the pitch for 20mins less.

- Taylor and Kenny had decent possession (which Motherwell allowed) but to be more effective the passing accuracy needs to improve.

I didn't approve of Rogic playing on Saturday and was even more surprised when he played the No.8 position. If Christie is fit then there is no way Rogic should stay in the team. However even if Christie is not fit then I would bring in Henderson to play the No.8 position instead.

Rogic does have magic ability (and he nearly scored a wonder goal on Saturday) but the way we are playing we need (and conceding) to be more industrious and have more energy and Rogic doesn't bring that.

My 2 changes for tonight would be Christie (or Henderson) for Rogic and Soro for Brown.

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