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Match Stats (Dundee Utd v Celtic)

Dundee Utd 0 xG 0.24 Celtic 3 xG 4.08

(Rogic 19, Turnbull 40 and Scales 81) Before kick off our probabilities of winning the game were 69%, a defeat 10% and draw 21%.

The 15 minutes trends from this game were very similar to the 15 minutes trends from the previous game against Dundee Utd.

Celtic's best spell for touches was 30-45 minutes with 204 touches with our second best spell 75-90 minutes and third best spell being 45-60 minutes. All exactly the same as the game at Celtic Park.

The lowest spell for touches was 60-75 minutes and again that was the same as the game at Celtic Park.

Overall possession was 71% in Celtic's favour with 965 touches versus 479. For accurate passes it was 659 v 199 with accuracy being 65% v 89%.

Our team line up was; - 15 Hart - 88 Juranovic, 20 Carter-Vickers, 4 Starfelt and 3 Taylor

- 18 Rogic, 42 McGregor and 14 Turnbull

- 49 Forrest, 8 Kyogo and 19 Johnston

Carter-Vickers, Taylor and Johnston coming in for Ralston, Welsh and Jota.

Abada, Bitton and Scales coming on as subs for Forrest, Rogic and Taylor.

McGregor had the most touches with 120 and 10% of the possession. McGregor and Starfelt had the most accurate passes at 98.

For accuracy Forrest had 100% and Carter-Vickers had 93%. In regards to key passes Turnbull had 7, Kyogo had 3, McGregor had 3 and Taylor had 3. Top rated players were Turnbull 9.4 and 9.31, Rogic 8.5 and 8.39 and McGregor 7.9 and 8.34.

xG achieved has been reported as Turnbull 1.56, Kyogo 0.89, Abada 0.59, Johnston 0.38, Rogic 0.18, Taylor 0.15, Carter-Vickers 0.12, Starfelt 0.07, Scales 0.07, Forrest 0.06 and Bitton 0.04.

However Turnbull's goal is attributed with an xG of 0.94 which will be in regards to the tap in and McGregor has been credited with the assist. So does McGregor get 0.94 xA? That wouldn't be an accurate reflection even though it was a tremendous pass. That highlights the intricacies of measuring xG.

Dundee Utd had 6 shots at goal to Celtic's 26 with box shots being 1 and 20. Aerials won was 59% v 41% in Celtic's favour and tackles won was 67% for Celtic and 57% for Dundee Utd.

xG split by half was;

- 1st half 0.09 v 2.31

- 2nd half 0.15 v 1.77

38% of Celtic's attacks came down the left and 34% came down the right.

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