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Players Ratings

I've looked at the Player Ratings from Fotmob and WhoScored for our games so far this season and have listed the individual average scores below.

I know some not be keen on Player Ratings as they are used to the bias reporting in the Scottish Media however Fotmob and WhoScored are unbiased neutral opinions with ratings based from stats on each player's performance.

Not an exact science but given that both are usually not far away from each other then I would say the ratings can be trusted for an independent view on performance.

- Hart 6.8

- Ralston 7.7, Murray 7.3, Starfelt 7.2 and Taylor 7.1

- Turnbull 7.3, Soro 6.7 and McGregor 7.5

- Abada 7.4, Furuhashi 7.7 and Christie 8.1

Subs; Welsh 7.1, Forrest 6.9, Edouard 6.8, Bitton 6.6, Montgomery 6.6, Bain 6.4, Ajeti 6.0, Barkas 5.8 and Rogic 5.7

Christie being our top rated player so far on 8.1 and Ralston is 2nd on 7.71 with Furuhashi 3rd on 7.67 (due to his 5.8 rating versus Hearts).

Soro the lowest out of the first 11 on 6.7 and Murray the best rated centre back due to his performances against Midtjylland.

Against Dundee Furuhashi scored 9.54 and Christie scored 9.85.

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