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Celtic v Lazio (Match Stats)

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Celtic 1 xG 1.13 (Kyogo 12) Lazio 2 xG 0.77

(Vecino 29 and Pedro 90+5)

Celtic had an xG of 1.13 from 11 shots with a decent Post Shot xG of 1.8 however Lazio had a Post Shot xG of 1.96 from their xG of 0.77. 55% of Lazio's xG came from set plays while only 17% of Celtic's did.

Kyogo's goal came from a 32% chance and it was a 48% chance after he took his shot. Vecino's equaliser was from a 36% chance which was 93% after he headed it. Pedro's winner was from only a 12% chance which he did well with making it a 90% chance when it left his head.

The best other chances in the match fell to Maeda in the 17th minute (19% chance) and Kyogo in the 79th minute which was a 22% chance.

Celtic had 1.7 xPts from the match and Lazio had 1.1.

Celtic lead the way on xG from the start with that good early goal and chances created per quarter was quite low.

Scales played the most passes (104) and 28 of them were to Taylor. 34% of Celtic's passes were from the centre backs and only 25% were from the midfielders and 9.8% from the wide forwards. To get a proper foothold in the game and create more chances there needs to be more passes from the midfielders. McGregor did have a 96% pass accuracy.

32% of Lazio's passes came from their midfielders and only 29% of their's came from their centre backs.

Out of Celtic's centre back passes 29% of them were to the other centre back (Lazio centre backs were 22%). Only 18% of Celtic's centre backs passes were to midfielders while Lazio centre backs had 28% of their passes going to their midfielders.

Looking at Callum McGregor 40% of his passes were to full backs while only 20% of Vecino's (Lazio central midfielder) were to his full backs. 20% of McGregor's passes were to the other midfielders while that was 27% for Vecino. Interestingly 0% of McGregor's passes were to Hart while Vecino had 8% of his passes going back to the Lazio goalkeeper (Provedel).

Celtic lined up with;

  • Hart

  • Johnston, Phillips, Scales and Taylor

  • O'Riley, McGregor and Hatate

  • Yang, Kyogo and Maeda

One change from the weekend with Phillips in for the suspended Lagerbielke and two changes from the first Champions League game versus Feyenoord with Phillips for Lagerbielke again and Yang instead of Palma.

Carter-Vickers came back into the squad for the first time since August and he replaced the suspended Holm in the squad.

Carter-Vickers, Palma, Bernardo and Oh came on as subs for Phillips, Yang, Hatate and Kyogo. Unused subs were Bain, Morrison, Iwata, Ralston, Turnbull, Forrest and Mikey Johnston.

Best performers in this game for xG were Kyogo 0.44 and Maeda 0.25. Best for xA for Celtic were O'Riley 0.36 and McGregor 0.22. Top goal contributor combined was Kyogo 0.48. Top rated players (FotMob and WhoScored combined) were O'Riley 7.3, Kyogo 7.2 and McGregor 7.0. Lowest rated players were Hart 5.6, Phillips 6.1 and Hatate and Maeda on 6.5,

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