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Passes Received (versus Dundee Utd)

Against Dundee Utd Carter-Vickers received the most passes receiving 110 with 52 of them coming from Starfelt with the next most to Carter-Vickers being Johnston with 22. Third most passing to Carter-Vickers was McGregor with 11 passes. Carter-Vickers's most passes to a player was to Starfelt with 41 however his passes to Johnston were not far behind on 40.

Starfelt received the second most passes with 98 and most of them were from Carter-Vickers (41) with Taylor on 19 passes to Starfelt. Starfelt's most passes were to Carter-Vickers (52) with the second most going to Taylor (30).

Then it was Alistair Johnston with 88 passes received with 40 from Carter-Vickers and Mooy was the player with the second most passes to Johnston with 16. Johnston's most passes to any player was his 22 to Carter-Vickers with his 21 to McGregor very close behind.

Comparing those receiving the most passes in the last 5 games;

  • versus Kilmarnock (League)

    • The most was Bernabei with 133 received then Starfelt with 98 and Hatate with 71

  • versus Kilmarnock (Cup)

    • Mooy (69), Carter-Vickers (65) and Bernabei (65)

  • versus St Mirren

    • Kobayashi (81), Johnston (79) and McGregor (78)

  • versus Morton

    • Mooy (91), Johnston (78) and Turnbull (69)

  • versus Dundee Utd

    • Carter-Vickers (110), Starfelt (98) and Johnston (88)

The Dundee Utd game being the first time the right sided centre back received the most, the first time the two centre backs received the most and the second most and it was the first time no midfielder made the top 3.

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