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Passing stats (first 11 games)

Following on from my Amount of Minutes Leading stats for the first 11 games I've produced below a table based on some passing stats from the first 11 games.

Celtic top the table with an average of 575 passes per game for the 11 games of the season so far. The highest Celtic had in any one game was 731 (versus St Johnstone) and the lowest Celtic had was 446 (versus Hibs). 44% of the passes versus Hibs came in the first third of the game.

Celtic are averaging 31% more passes than Rangers per game with Rangers averaging 25% more than Hearts.

That also doesn't take into account Celtic have had 4 home games and 5 away games and Rangers have had 5 home games and 4 away games. Celtic are averaging 625 passes per game at home which is 51% more than Rangers. Away from home Celtic are averaging 535 passes per game which is 20% more than Rangers.

In fact Rangers only have 5 of their 11 games where they have had more than 446 accurate passes (Celtic's lowest).

Last season Rangers had an average of 507 accurate passes per game with their highest being 700.

Maybe some Celtic fans (who have been doubting it) may appreciate the performance versus St Johnstone with 731 accurate passes. (The best of any team over this season and last).

Celtic's passing accuracy is also top at 88% with Rangers next on 84%. Rangers last season had 85% passing accuracy.

In true AngeBall style Celtic have the most short balls with 94.2% of their passing being short balls. Rangers are again 2nd with 91.6% and it is no surprise Livingston are bottom with 74.2%.

Celtic have 37% of their passes in the final third and Aberdeen actually have the lowest at 33% showing they are still keen to build up from the back like they did last season. Again the very direct Livingston have the biggest % in the final third with 48% with St Johnstone next on 47%.

Celtic Trends 🍀📈⚽️

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